Big News!

Today, One Hot Second is pleased to bring you this press release:

NEW YORK, April 1st, 2013 – Comedy and parody acoustic rock trio, One Hot Second, has signed a deal to produce three separate music releases. The band, currently Number 4 on the comedy charts, is looking to make an even bigger splash in the comedy industry by teaming up with legendary parody song artist, Weird Al Yankovic, who will produce the albums.

“These guys have been bugging me on Twitter for a long time,” said Yankovic. “I finally gave in and listened to some of their stuff, and I was really surprised. Most of it didn’t suck!”

While no details have been solidified as to the nature of the releases, those close to the deal speculate that the first release will be One Hot Second Saves the Universe, the highly anticipated follow up to the band’s debut album One Hot Second Eats Your Breakfast! Logically, the band would follow that with another long awaited project, The Premature Immaculation, a collection of their most popular holiday themed songs, which hopefully will be in stores and available for download in time for the various holiday seasons.

Perhaps the biggest news is the collection of cover songs, Full Coverage, which will see the boys from Astoria, Queens teaming up with the musicians who wrote the originals songs. Artists already expressing interest in working with the band include Justin Timberlake, Phillip Glass, Dweezil Zappa (who will fill in for his late father, Frank), Phish, Hall and Oates, and former Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr. When reached for comment, Marr stated, “When I hear these guys play Smiths songs, it sounds exactly like how I want to hear a Smiths song – without Morrissey!”

The normally reclusive band was hard to reach, as they are preparing for an upcoming show, but when news of the deal finally got through, front man C-Fate had this to say, “We were as surprised as anyone! Someone actually wants to pay us to do this stuff. For us, it was never about the money. But money is nice. We have some extensive bar tabs we need to settle!”

5 thoughts on “Big News!”

  1. Really, I think where we lost people on the plausibility of this joke was when we brought Johnny Marr into it…

  2. Is this an April Fools Joke??! If so, we are disappointed….plus, it took us the time to place the post to realize it may BE an April Fool’s…this took me back to smelling the dusty dashboard of my car when the radio station was frying bacon and said they had developed “smell-a-vision” on the radio…you can always get me on April Fool’s, never fails. :) —your sister (Mom wanted to make sure you didn’t think it was HER smelling her dash…just me.)

    1. I hate to tell you that it is, indeed, an April Fool’s joke. As much as we would love to work with Weird Al (one band member was apparently fooled into thinking this had actually happened and he just hadn’t heard about it), it has yet to come to fruition. We’re still working on it. ONE DAY!!!

  3. C-Fate—when will we be listening to you on Bob&Tom??! Weird Al connections will bump you up even higher in the nephew-you-rate-scale!

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